Store Policy

Books can be ordered through or


Form of payment varies depending on product and where the product is purchased from.

All art is purchased and shipped from



Books ordered through will be shipt by bookpatch.

Books ordered through will be shipt within 5-10 business days.

Art ordered through will be shipt within 10-20 business days and price varies by weight and packaging required.

All shipments come with a tracking number and confirmation.



Books ordered through must be returned according to bookpatch policy.

All sales through are final unless a return request is submitted and approved within 10 days of receiving items.

Approved returns must be paid for by buyer.



Q: How do I order a custom piece?

A: Thank you in advance for supporting my art! For a custom piece just message me and we will start there.

Q: What are Featherheads?

A: Featherheads are my personal style. They are these crazy-cool creatures that I made up. I begin with a black canvas and then just start painting and they usually emerge from the darkness in beautiful, bold colors.