Elementary Assembly

Grades TK-5

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Get ready for an educational and fun presentation that students love and teachers have praised as being 'a hit.'

The School Assembly package is 40-45 minutes and includes a presentation about being a children's picture book author/illustrator with samples of my early artwork, a book written by one of my former Elementary age students, a drawing timelapse, where my book and art ideas come from, storyboarding and a reading of one of my books.

The presentation is followed by a guided art project and then a Q&A.

* Contact for pricing

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ZOOM Assembly

Grades TK-5

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I am now offering safe and fun virtual assemblies using Zoom!

Zoom assemblies can accomodate over 100 students per assembly. These assemblies are exactly like my Elementary assemblies except virtual. This way your students will receive a real assembly from the comfort of their home or school.

(see Elementary Assembly for details  on what is included)

* Contact for pricing

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Inspiration Visit

Grades 4-12

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Do your students need some inspiration?

My Inspiration Visit is aimed to inspire students in grades 6-12.

Inspiration Visits include a presentation about how I became an artist and children's book author/illustrator, samples of my art and books, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and a real look at how much hard work goes into working for yourself and owning a business, and finally a Q&A.

* Contact for pricing

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Meet the Author Event


Are you a bookstore owner or employee?

First off, you're awesome! In a world where there are digital books I still love independent bookstores and I think you're super cool for owning or working in one!

Book events are a great way to bring our community together and promote your business. My book readings include a welcome song, a book reading, an art project and a Q&A.

* Contact for Booking and Consignment

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