Q: How do I order a custom piece?

A: Thank you in advance for supporting my art! For a custom piece just message me and we will start there.

Q: What are Featherheads?

A: So I bought all of these awesome new paint supplies one day and decided to just sit outdoors and paint. I had a black canvas and no plan, what came next was a Featherhead. All Featherheads start with a black canvas and then I just start painting. I never know what they are going to look like.

Q: Where do your ideas come from?

A: I draw a lot of inspiration from my love for my family, Disney, cartoons, the 90's, children's books and adventure.

Q: Which mediums do you use?

A: My main mediums are pencil, ink, prisma color penicl, acrylic paint, white out (believe it or not), water color, fabric paint, bristol board and regular old markers.

Q: What's your process?


A: My process: Sometimes I just squeeze out some paint and start painting on a black canvas just to see what will happen. That is actually how my Featherhead paintings came to be, but most of the time I put a lot of thought into my art, especially my custom pieces and illustrations. First comes the idea, then a sketch which will most likely change a few times, then the outline of the final piece and color.



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